Menu in English


Bread€ 5,90

Extra virgin olive oil, salted butter & pesto

Mustard soup€ 6,90

Groninger dried sausage & spring onions

Variable soup€ 6,90


Carpaccio€ 10,90

Groninger beef with Groninger farmhouse cheese, macadamia nuts and beech mushrooms

Tenderloin rolls€ 9,90

Japanese seaweed, wasabi, red pepper, spring onions & teriyaki dip

Duck € 8,90

Duckbreast smoked on the Big Green Egg & confit duck

Oystersa piece € 2,80

Lemon & raspberry-vinaigrette

Goatcheese€ 8,90

Red beetroot & balsamic vinegar-beetroot sorbet

Salmon€ 8,90

Marinated salmon, celeriac, apple & buttermilk bag-cheese

Sushi€ 10,90

Maki, nigiri of tuna, wakame & wasabicream

Tasting€ 11,90

Assortment of appetizers



Black Angus steak€ 19,90

‘Dry aged’, grilled on the Big Green Egg, roasted vegetables & béarnaise sauce

Slow cooked candied peel of Black Angus beef€ 21,50

With celeriac-truffle mash & gravy

Black Angus burger€ 14,50

Roasted brioche bread, bacon, beer cheese & red onion-tomato chutney

Wild boar€ 21,50

Wild boar stew with vegetables

Confit duck€ 21,50

Spicessauce & bulgur


Halibut fillet€ 18,90

Risotto with clams, & shrimps sauce

Pike-perch€ 18,90

Mushrooms & white wine sauce

Salmon€ 18,90

Chicory & Hollandaise sauce


Noodles€ 17,90

Shii-take, combu-sauce & carrot flour wafer

Risotto€ 17,90

Pumpkin, parsnip & watercress

Cheesecake€ 17,90

Ricotta cheese, creme fraiche, gorgonzola & foam of figs

€ 8,90

For children (under 12)
In consultation smaller portions of certain dishes can be prepared but there is also a special children’s menu available, with a childrens dessert


Trio of chocolat€ 8,90

Chocolat cake, ‘bonbon’ (chocolat candy) & white chocolate ice cream

Macarons€ 8,90

Mandarin & Mandarine-Napoleonsorbet

Nougat€ 8,90

Chestnut parfait & coffee syrup

Crème brûlée€ 8,90

Of vanilla & Frangelico icecream

Sgroppino€ 7,90

Cold lemon shake, vodka, prosecco & lemon sorbet

Cheese platter€ 9,90

Platter of cheese with a selection of cheeses from cheese specialist ‘Van der Ley’ with rhubarb-fig compote & toasted walnut bread